Collage Illusion

Recycling at its Finest…

Carl M. Crawford is a self-taught artist and has had a passion for art all his life. He has developed a unique style that he calls “Collage Illusion™”. He creates his pieces by cutting out colors and shapes from magazine articles and assembling them on glass to form his desired image. The finished product gives his audience the “illusion” of an oil painting, but a closer look will reveal the different shapes of paper used to form a face, an instrument, a hand, etc.


“Collage Illusion™” is an award-wining technique that was initially inspired by Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence. However, over the years Carl developed a truly unique style by making the collage tighter, giving more intricate detail. Mr. Crawford encourages freedom of expression in his art. His ability to think outside the box has allowed him to create an intriguing technique that has gained him national and international exposure. When teaching the technique in schools, Mr. Crawford encourages his pupils to remain flexible and open in their approach to art. He emphasizes that anything is possible with the use of imagination, creativity, and passion.

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